About The Firm

ESP is a public relations and brand strategy agency focused on the promotion of agents of culture spanning the art, architecture, design, real estate and hospitality industries. Using our deep understanding of global trends in art and culture, a sophisticated awareness of the economic and social changes affecting our clients’ businesses, and a personalized, hands-on approach, we develop and execute effective business programs for our clients.


About The Founder

Tiana Webb Evans is marketing and communications professional and a key figure in the arts, advocating for diversity in the industry. Prior to founding ESP Inc, Tiana worked in the role of Communications Director at Phillips Auctioneers, a global corporation focused on the sale of Contemporary Art. She was instrumental in organizing Paddles On, the first auction dedicated to digital art, which was organized in conjunction with Tumblr. Working as Communications Director, her role involved a combination of corporate communications, crisis management, strategic partnerships, and client development through programming and events. Tiana is a longtime supporter of the Studio Museum in Harlem and the Museum or Art and Design in New York. In addition to being a member of the Rush Arts artist advisory board, she has been a guest curator for LIFEbeat’s Sound of Art and has hosted exhibitions for a number of emerging and mid-career artists.